April 13, 2012
This week in exercise science.

I don’t really post a lot of internet links because I’m all about keeping this blog fixated on peer reviewed journal articles but I thought I’d change that starting today (and every Friday hereafter) and give you some good links that I perused throughout the week.

  • If you wanted more after reading my post on hypertrophy here is a good read from Human Kinetics on bringing up lagging muscles.
  • Also they provide tips to stimulate muscle growth which really hammer home the key points to hypertrophy.
  • If you’re looking for jobs in the exercise field, here is a great Twitter account to follow.
  • Failure before success.
  • Are you an active couch potato?
  • This is a good move for athletes looking to build lower body strength and explosive power.  Calm down a bit, Todd.
  • New talk on fluid replacement for runners.
  • New gym bangers for the metal heads out there.  
  • One for the hip-hop lovers.
  • If you have time and love to read, you’ll want to check out this 4 part series on the pedestrian walking crisis in the United States.
  • For all you hockey lovers like me.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs begun.
  • Finally, a lot of people seem to like knowing more personal things about bloggers.  While I’m not a fan of the whole Facebook thing, you can follow me if you wish on Twitter where I post random things from my every day life, science, and occasional douche bag mirror shots.  Tweet me and let’s have some fun on there, shall we?

Have a great weekend,


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